Weatherproof your home with the roof repair and replacement services from Oak Ridge Construction. Our roofing contractors are able to completely replace your roof in a quick and efficient fashion.


Improve the look of your home with our gutter and siding installation services. They also give you the added benefit of keeping water out of your home and away from your foundation.


We are skilled with large commercial projects and any type of home in need of fascia-soffit & windows. Oak Ridge Construction can install new construction or insert windows in Louisville.


  • Commercial Roofing ~ all applications both new and replacement of any kind
  • Residential Roofing ~ all applications replacements/repairs only
  • Siding and Gutters ~ all types and applications commercial/residential
  • Fascia-Soffit-Window and door/garage door wraps ~ all commercial and residential applications
  • Windows ~ all applications commercial and residential
  • Garage door repair or Glass breaks of all types

****** All storm damage claims ******

Affordable Gutters in Kentucky

Our Recent Projects

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“Oak Ridge did a great Job on getting our home approved through our insurance carrier even a year after the hail storm. They also built our roof quickly & the great quality
shows.The crew protected all of our landscaping well and cleaned up as they worked, professionally. We love the new Timberline high definition lifetime warrantied roof and would
recommend Oak Ridge to anyone who has an outdated or damaged roof and wants to improve the curbappeal and value of their home.” -Heidi N.

“They even gave us a lifetime craftmanship warranty so if another storm hits us or a repair is needed, they are a call away.” -Tim Kennedy